Practice Habits from @martybiron43

Was thinking about this today before reading Marty Biron’s (@martybiron43) blog post. I’m trying to learn the goalie bits, I grew up with good player coaching.

To poorly paraphrase Marty: Try to practice as though you’d play in a game. Get set. Follow the rebounds. Cover the puck when you can. Be square to the puck. Recover quickly. (

Trying to go as close to full speed is important for all players, including the goalie. A goalie facing full speed will be ready for a game, just as the players will.

A good analogy to this is the breakaway drill at the end of practice. Yes, it is a time that the player can work on some moves, but how many penalty shots have you seen at games? Let your players get one dangling shot it. Then, make them go full speed for a bunch. Why not have them be ready for a game when they get a real breakaway and having someone chasing them. Add a skater a line behind to chase them. You get a skating drill for two players, game like situations and your goalie gets some work too.

To quote a mentor: Practices are for goalies, games are for skaters.